In conversation with Adam Hyde

This time around, Scott talks with Adam Hyde of FLOSS Manuals. In a wide-ranging conversation, they talk about why Adam started the project, the way in which FLOSS Manuals gets things done, Book Sprints, Adam’s thoughts on the 80/20 rule, and more.

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Talking shop with Anne Gentle

Recently, we had the opportunity to chat with Anne Gentle. In just under an hour, we discussed wikis, DITA, the XO Laptop, documenting Open Source software, and a lot more. Not only did we have a great time talking with Anne, but we learned quite a bit in the process.

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All XML, for around 20 minutes

This time around, we’re presenting an interview that Scott did at DocTrain West 2008 with Teresa Mulvihill-Talbot and Fabrice Talbot. In this interview, they discuss XML authoring, DocBook and DITA, and an interesting Web-based document reviewing service called LiveTechDocs.

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Talking wikis with Stewart Mader

In this edition of the podcast, Scott talks with Stewart Mader, author of the book WikiPatterns. In the interview, Scott and Stewart discuss adopting wikis, how best to use them in an organization, building communities around wikis, and why Stewart is so passionate about wikis. As a bonus, you also get a quick lesson in spectroscopy.

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The usability edition

After what seems like a short but long time, we’re back with a new podcast. It’s been an interesting few months. Take a listen to this new episode to find out what we’ve been up to, and what we’re going to be up to. Then, we discuss an issue that Aaron is very passionate about: usability and user advocacy.

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Interview with Emma Hamer

We’re back after a few hectic weeks away. In the next while, we hope to get back into something resembling a regular podcasting schedule.

To whet your appetite, this week we’re presenting an interview that Aaron did at DocTrain West 2007 with Emma Hamer. In it, Aaron and Emma discuss content management.

Interview with Kent Taylor

This week, we present another interview that we did at DocTrain West 2007. It’s with Kent Taylor, General Manager — acrolinx North America. In this interview, Kent talks to us about the company’s acrocheck document quality assurance tool.

Interview with Michael Boses and Mark Lewis

We continue to clear out our backlog of interviews. This week, we present an interview that we did with Michael Boses and Mark Lewis of Research that discusses Xpress Author,’s XML authoring tool.

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Are you hurting your career by not blogging and podcasting?

This week, Tom Johnson joins us for what is our longest podcast yet. We spend about 45 minutes discussing whether or not you’re harming your career by not blogging and podcasting.

Agree? Disagree? Feel free to leave a comment.

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Interview with Chip Gettinger

This week, we’re posting an interview that Scott did earlier this year with Chip Gettinger of Astoria Software. In the interview, Chip and Scott discuss XML authoring and Astoria’s content management software; component content management and how it differs from Web and document content management; and how component content management can benefit both technical communicators and the organizations with which they work.

Note that the quality of the audio isn’t the greatest. It was recorded over Skype, and there is some background noise and the occasional dropout.

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